A corporate aproach to Social Selling is the key to capitalize on the oportunity to increase salesforce productivity by 20-25% with social technologies described by McKinsey in late 2012 (McKinsey Global Institute report - The social economy: Unlocking value and productivity through social technologies).

At Execus, we have developed the ESSPI (Execus Social Selling Program Introduction) methodology:


It has been designed to help companies embrace social selling. When we apply ESSPI, we go back to basics and apply the following process:

  1. Identification of your company's Social Selling actual activities (current stage)
  2. Identification of the Social Selling Opportunities (desired stage)
  3. Definition of the path to Capitalize on the Social Selling opportunities (action from actual stage to desired stage)

We traditionally support the methodology with

  • A Top Down approach and Empowerment
  • KPI definition and measurement
  • Change Management and Training

Get started with I. Identification of your Company's Social Selling stage.    

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