ESSPI I. Identification of Current Social Selling Stage

The First stage of the ESSPI methodology consists in reviewing your company's current Social Selling Stage.

Of course, every company's sales process is different. It is our understanding that we are NOT experts in selling your products, we will not tell you how to sell your products; but we will understand your process and "enhance it" by embedding the appropriate best social selling practices that you agree may be relevant to your practice.

In a classic Selling process, we find Marketing nurturing the lead generation process. Traditional feeds are Web enquiries, Events/Shows lists, External Databases and other Marketing lists ... The sources are filtered and segmented by the Marketing/Sales Management and assigned to the salesforce, in a process similar as the depicted in the figure:

Base-Sales-ProcessFig. I. A Classic Lead Generation/Sales Process

The sales professionals may have a list of a few hundred leads to contact. A cold call is traditionally used with the purpose of getting a meeting. The meeting's purpose is to generate an opportunity. Sales professionals within your organization may already be using social networks in "guerrilla" mode (on their own, no rules) and may already be seeing value in the use of these tools. On the other hand, management have no clear picture of what the salesforce is doing on Social Networks and how it is affecting the company's branding and of course have no clear idea of benefits/return of investment in Social Networks (time, premium accounts, resources).

Your ESSPI Score cleary defines where your company is on Social Selling

In this stage we will clearly define your company's lead geenration/sales process and we'll work with that. We help identify where your company stands in terms of social selling by setting your ESSPI Initial Score. We perform a series of tests that return:

  • Your Social Selling adoption stage
  • Your ESSPI INITIAL SCORE: a number between 0-100
  • Your score vs. your competition (sector)
  • Your score vs. your competing area (country or continent)
  • A recommendation on next steps

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Step II in ESSPI methodology is II. Identification of the Desired Social Selling Stage.