ESSPI II. Identification of Desired Social Selling Stage

In this stage of the ESSPI methodology, Execus' professionals share with your company the world-class best practices in Social Selling. Best Practices come from different sources:

  • A direct connection with LinkedIn's sales solutions team both in California and Ireland
  • An active relationship with the community of the top 10 thought leaders on social selling, including names like Jamie Shanks, Kurt Shaver, Matt Heinz, Lori Richardson, ...
  • Jordi Gili's (MD, Spain) own experience, described on the book "Sell! with LinkedIn"- available on

Taking the base lead generation/sales process described on ESSPI I phase, our team of experts sugges parts of the process that may potentially benefit from the use of Social Networks. Please see an example below:


Fig. 1. "Enhanced" sales process with Social Selling techniques

Incorporating Social Selling in your processes may impact the following areas, but not limited to:

  • Lead Generation may benefit from LinkedIn Ads, and Early buying signals (LinkedIn, Twitter)
  • Management may have access to a consistent, automated social selling scoreboard (reports)
  • The sales professionals may be responsible for up to 70% of the total lead generation, performing Searches, using Groups, Sharing ...
  • First contact with targets may not be so cold, adding market intelligence, finding warm referrals, using soft contact approaches, ...
  • Sales professionals may be more prepared when attending first meetings with clients by being more informed (signals from market)

Marketing may be suggested to participate in the Program. In fact, their contribution is vital. The following diagram defines Marketing's role:  


Fig. 2. Marketing's role in Social Selling

The main Benefit from the participation of Marketing is "keeping targets and leads warm". That is achieved with the Creation of marketing content or Curation of relevant material to be served to the internal salesforce but to be addressed to Targets and Leads that may not be ready to buy yet. It is a central part of the One-to-one social selling process.

In this stage, the ESSPI methodology suggests:

  • Sharing of best practices
  • Identifying already used practices within the organization that may be relevant
  • Agreement on an "enhanced" Social Selling process

The following step in the ESSPI methodology is III. Defnition of the PATH TO ACTION

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