The three key elements in an integrated Social Selling suite are:

CRM - or Social CRM or ERP - which handles all the different aspects of the client relation with the company: database, profiles, billing and service complaints, invoices ... Most often than not, we find companies with just a basic list of companies and emails for emailing purposes. Another aspect of the CRM is the management of the salesforce, in terms of logs of the client facing activities (visits, calls, ...) and pipeline of opportunities (in number, value, stage in the sales process ...)

The Social Network - where our clients are: whether it's Linkedin or Twitter or Facebook or Ushi.

The Marketing/Sales Social selling Softwares - That interconnect the two first elements. They try to bring value to the sales team by facilitating the sale using the social network and logging the activity on the CRM. There is no ONE complete solution to all the Social Selling aspects or possibilities. There are many useful tools: from large solutions like Hootsuite, Marketo, Hubspot, Socedo to little software pieces like networkgrabber to leadbuilder.


The combination of all three elements completes the suite of Social Selling tools that any salesforce should aspire to have. You should only worry about having the best tools to exceed the budgeted revenues, not the tricky teckie stuff.

We consult with your IT department and help them deploy the suite of solutions that you need to get things done.

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